What is StiXskin and how it works?

  • StiXskin is an orginal wrap-sticker giving a unique, premium look to Nordic walking, trekking(hiking) and skiing poles (sticks) and can also can be used for walking aids (frames and sticks).
  • Its special design (patent applied for) makes it extremely robust (hard to scratch, waterproof and weatherproof), easy to apply, trim and to remove.
  • StiXskins suit every type of poles including fixed, telescopic, adjustable and pop-up; trekking, Nordic walking, skiing or all types of walking aids (sticks, frames)
  • StiXskins are made and designed in Great Britain and are shipped wordwide.
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If you are event oragnisor, sponsor, charity fundriser, business owner look at our bespoke designs #stixskin4business #stixskin4events

Personalise your Walking Poles | StiXskin

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